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Important information and support COVID-19:


During the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 we consider the health and safety of our guests as well as our members of staff, our number one priority. It is for this reason that Hotel R de Paris has begun to take essential actions to react immediately.

We have completely reinvented and reconceived our reception and hygiene procedures, permitting maximum protection for our guests during their stay with us.

Our teams have been trained on and are sensitive to these new changes so as to leave nothing to chance and ensure that each visit to our hotel is met with the appropriate comfort and security, in a clean and protected environment.


Thanks to the strong experience obtained in our second establishment (Nursing home, Retirement home), you can trust us to provide a safe place for you, your colleagues as well as those you hold dear.

To accomplish this, we have put in place a specific Hygiene Protocol:


The teams:

A staggered arrival of staff members and systematic temperature screening with a daily monitoring record for each employee, wearing of masks (to be changed every 4 hours) and usage of hand sanitizer.

Specific uniforms, laundered and picked-up on site every day. No outdoor attire is permitted (the latter will be stored in a sealed bag in the locker rooms).

Shift changes will occur every 12 hours between receptionists, thereby reducing the amount of staff present at one time and avoiding unnecessary exterior contact. Workspaces will be disinfected regularly and protected by a sheet of plexiglass.

The room keys will be prepared in advance and will be progressively placed on the side table.

Surfaces accessible to guests and front desk staff will be disinfected very regularly; these include telephones, pens, screens, computer mouse, card machine, etc...




 Communal areas:

A sensitive issue to which we pay particular attention.

Several hand sanitizer dispensers will be made available: one at reception and one on each floor next to the elevator.

A vigorous and frequent cleaning routine of all common areas, elevators, handrails…



The rooms:

Each member of our cleaning team will be assigned a specific floor, which will always be the same.

Cleaners will use micro-fibre cloths which will be changed between each room and laundered every evening at 60°.

Every room will be ventilated for several hours once the cleaning staff member has entered the room. The room will be cleaned with specific detergents and then treated with a revolutionary method of treating air quality without the usage of any chemical products will be used before each arrival (via release of a dry fog which is 99% biodegradable and environmentally friendly, and certified as a bactericide, fungicide, sporicide and more importantly effective against COVID-19, compliant with French standard NF 7281)

All linens, even if unused, will systematically be laundered between each guest (sheets, bathrobes…). A use of centralized vacuum system so the transport of virus is avoided.



 The breakfast:

  • We will have the pleasure of offering each day a room-service breakfast, prepared following the strictest of hygiene procedures and with biodegradable materials, respectful to the environment.




We hope that these protective and preventative measures will give you confidence in the seriousness of our approach.

If you wish to know the entirety of these measures, you can consult this in detail.


If you have any concerns or require more information, it would be our pleasure to provide further guidance and an in-depth detail of our methods. For all inquiries, we invite you to contact the following email address:


We look forward to your next stay with us and wish you and those close to you good health until then,


Mrs. Clech Jessica (Owner), Mr. Chapal Raphael (Managing Director) as well as the whole team.